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ENGLISH 11-1,2,3


Write the verbs in Present Simple.
Nick’s father                                                          
1.Nick’s father___________________ (work) in London.
2.His office _____________________ (be: am/is /are) in a big building.
3.Every morning he ___________ (get up) at six o’clock.
4.He _______________ (wash) in cold water.
5.He _________________ (eat) eggs and toast for breakfast.
6.He ________________ (drink) orange juice for breakfast.
7.He ________________ (put on) his jeans and jacket.
8.Then he _______________ (run) to the railway station.
9.He always ________________ (take) his umbrella.
10.He _____________________ (buy) a newspaper and (read) it on the train.
11.In the evening he _______________ (come) back home at five o’clock.
12.After dinner he sometimes ________________ (watch) television.
13.He never _________________ (go) to the cinema.

Fill in the verbs in Present Simple.

fly, / cry, / finish /, eat, / live, /drink, / go, / speak, / play, / like
1.He _____________chips for dinner.
2.I ______________coffee three times a day.
3.She _______________to New York once a year.
4.We ____________Italian and English.
5.They ____________in Canada.
6.Tom and I____________ to school every day.
7.My dad______________ work at seven o’clock.
8.We _____________tennis every weekend.
9.My friend ______________old films.
10.The baby _______________all the day.

Write in past simple and past participle.
             Past                            past participle              past                          past participle
Watch_________        _______________                      drive_____________        ____________
Play__________         _______________                      make_____________        ____________
Stop__________        _______________                      read______________        ___________
Study________           _____________                         spend_____________        ___________
Lived________        _______________                        write_____________         _________
Be__________           ______________                        catch_____________        ___________
Cost_________          _______________                      run_______________        ___________
Complete the table in simple past.

Jane was tired.
Sean did not work.
Did I have a cat?
Mary did not sing.
Did she see us?

Put the sentences into simple past.
1.We open the door. ________________________________________________________
2.You write poems. _________________________________________________________
3.Richard plays in the garden. _________________________________________________
4.Kerry does not speak English. _______________________________________________
5.Do you see the bird? ________________________________________________

Now fill the gaps with FOR or SINCE:
1.I have been living in New York ____________   1 year
2.I haven't seen you __________________a week
3.I have been waiting ________________12:30.
4.I've lived here_______________5 years.
5.I've lived here _______________2003
6.________________she came here I've been very nervous
7.She has been married ________________ten years
8.She has been a doctor _________________1998
9.I have been living in Valencia ________________last june
10.I haven't seen you _____________________last week

Complete with: Do or Does???
1.__________________your friend like spaghetti?
2.__________________the children go to school on Fridays?
3.__________________your sister watch TV in the morning?
4.__________________he read sometimes comics?
5.__________________the girls like football?
6.__________________they go to sleep at 9 o’clock?
7.__________________she plays on computer?
8.__________________the dog like to eat meat?
9.__________________you speak English or German?
­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­10. __________________he like cats?

Complete with the present perfect
1) I (visit) _______ ________ Australia before.
2) You (visit) _______ ________ Mexico before.
3) We (visit) _______ ________ Canada before.
4) They (visit) _______ ________ China before.
5) He (visit) _______ ________ Africa before
6) She (visit) _______ ________ India before.
7) It (visit) _______ ________ Europe before.

Which answer is correct?
1) In which sentence is the Present Perfect used correctly?
a) I has bought a new computer.
b) I have bought a new computer.
c) I have buyed a new computer.

2) In which sentence is the Present Perfect used correctly?
a) We has left for Edinburgh.
b) We have leaved for Edinburgh.
c) We have left for Edinburgh.

3) In which sentence is the Present Perfect used correctly?
a) Emily has losed her handbag.
b) Emily has lost her handbag.
c) Emily have lost her handbag.

4) In which sentence is the Present Perfect used correctly?
a) He has forgotten his homework.
b) He has forgetted his homework.
c) He have forgotten his homework.

5) In which sentence is the Present Perfect used correctly?
a) The lesson has just began.      b) The lesson has just begun.           c) The lesson have just begun.

EVALUACION: este taller debes realizarlo, y practicarlo, ya que de aquí sale la evaluación con la que recuperaras primero y segundo periodo.


ACTIVIDAD                           (TIPO DE EVALUACION)
Del 10 de sep/ al 14
Social Networks: Twiter, facebook, YouTube, Google, Badoo, LinkedIn, Reddit, Instagram
Exposiciones acerca de las redes sociales.

El teléfono roto
Del 17 de sep/ al 21
Social Networks: Twiter, facebook, YouTube, Google, Badoo, LinkedIn, Reddit, Instagram

El teléfono roto
Del 24 de sep/ al 28.
Expressions for rules on etiquette
Elaboración de carteleras y Buenos modales
Del 1 de oct/ al 5.
Expressions for rules on ettiquete.
Continuacion elaboracion de carteleras y Buenos modales
Del 15 de oct/ al 19.
Expressions related to opinions
Comprensión lectora
Ejercicios de pronunciación.
Del 22 de oct/ al 26
Third conditional

Comprensión lectora
Sarah’s morning
Evaluación escrita.
Del 29 de oct/ al 2 de nov.
Logical and ordinal connectors

Completando textos.
Prueba de periodo
Auto evaluación
Del 5 de nov/ al 9
Self – critical reflection

Trabajo en el libro english please módulo 4
Del 12 de nov/ al 16
Adaptability to the different forms of communication and learning.
 Trabajo en el libro English please módulo 4 unidad #2

Del 19 de nov/ al 23.
Adaptability to the different forms of communication and learning
Trabajo en el libro English please módulo 4 unidad #2





Present perfect continuous Exercise

 Read the sentence and choose the one option a - d which best fits the space.

 1. She's been _______________ in Seoul for five years.
a. live
b. living
c. lives
d. is living

2. I _________________ working in the garden.

a. have
b. 'm be
c. 've been
d. is being

3. He _________________for ages.

a. is been waiting
b. 's been waiting
c. has been wait
d. is waiting

4. He _________________since 7 o'clock.

a. has been studying
b. is been studying
c. studying
d. is studying

5. I ____________________honest!

a. been haven't smoking
b. 've been not smoking
c. haven't been smoking
d. is has working
Select your response from the list. (adverbs of manner)

6. My dog ______________________ when I come home.  

a. Greets warmly me
b. greets me warmly
c. me greets warmly
d. warmly me greets

7 The baby ____________________across the floor.

a. slowly is crawling
b. is crawling slowly
c. crawling slowly is
d. slowly crawling is

8. The actress ____________________

a. blew kisses joyfully.
b. joyfully blew kisses
c. blew joyfully kisses
d. kisses joyfully blew

Read the story "Saturday with Grandpa" and then answer Numbers 1 through 3 in the Answer Section.

      SATURDAY WITH GRANDPA                                                                                                       

aturday is our day to clean, but Grandpa turns work into fun.
We like to sing when we dust. We like to dance when we mop. We clean the car together. We do the wash together. We both wear our caps.
When we are done, we hurry to the store. We shop for food. Grandpa lets me   pick the fruits that I like best. We carry the food home. Grandpa tells stories while we walk.
At night, our work is done. Friends come over. We cook dinner. We sing and dance.
Saturday is our day to clean, but Grandpa turns work into fun!

9. What happens in "Saturday with Grandpa"?

a. A boy and his grandpa eat hot dogs.
b. A boy and his grandpa clean together.
c. A boy and his grandpa ride in a car.
d. A boy and his grandpa go to the beach.

10. What do the boy and his grandpa both wear while they clean?

a. mops
b. aprons
c. caps
d. scarves
Read this sentence from the story.
When we are done, we hurry to the store.

11. What does hurry mean?

a. walk
b. skip
c. hop
d. rush

12________________ down and relax.
a. Just sit
b. Sit just
c. Sitting
d. Sits




TEACHER ALFREDO ORTIZ L     DATE: ________ STUDENT____________________

Open Questions

 What - When - Where - Why - Who - How
I. Choose the correct alternative.
 1) ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­________________. are my keys?
2) _________________ is the problem?
3) _________________ is your favourite singer? 
4) _________________ is your birthday?
5) _________________ old are you?     I'm ten years old.
6) _________________ is your telephone number?
7) _________________. are you from?
8) _________________ is your best friend?
9) _________________ is your e-mail?
10) ________________ are you?     I'm fine, thanks.

Choose the right opcion. escoja la opción correcta.
 1) __________ is the concert?
a) What                  b) Who                  c) Why               d) When  

2) ___________ is Cristiano Ronaldo from?
a) How                   b) When                c) Where           d) Why

3) ___________are you so happy?    I'm getting married!
a) When               b) How                c) What               d) Why

4) __________ is your brother?      He is still sick.
a) Why                  b) How                c) Where           d) What

5) __________ are you late?      Because of the traffic.
a) Where               b) When            c) Why                d) How

Pasa estas oraciones a interrogativas (present simple)
1.they are doing what  __________________________________________________________? up in the morning do when get _______________________________________________? spell name you your do ____________________________________________________?
4.what is homework for _________________________________________________________?
5.why handball does Tim like _______________________________________________________?

Make negative sentences.haga oraciones negativas (presente simple)
1.My father makes breakfast. _______________________________________________________
2.They are eleven. _______________________________________________________________
3.She writes a letter. ______________________________________________________________
4.I speak Italian. ________________________________________________________­_________
5.Danny phones his father on Sundays. _______________________________________________

Ponga estos verbos en gerundio recuerda la regla para ellos.
Run______________                             admit______________                    watch_____________
Make_____________                            drink_______________                   think_____________
Swim_____________                             live________________                   study____________
Get_______________                            put________________                   answer______________
Stop_______________                          show_______________                  write_______________
Speak ______________                        teach_______________                  do_________________

Escribe las palabras en el orden correcto
years / known / I / her / for / have / five:    I have known her for 5 years
1.Italy / ever / you / have / to / gone /? __________________________________________
2. eaten / never / have / I / octopus ______________________________________________
3.year / she / grown / has / this / a / lot __________________________________________
4.train / yet / arrived / his / hasn't ______________________________________________
5.have / 1997 / they / been / since / married______________________________________

Complete these questions with the past participles of the verbs in the box. Then answer the questions  present perfect
Completa estas preguntas con los participios pasados de los verbos en el recuadro. Luego responde las preguntas, presente perfecto
Be---eat---- find---- fly------ meet-----ride
Have you ever . . .
1. ______been______ on television______________?
2. _________________a horse? __________________?
3.__________________ Indian food? __________________?
4. _________________a famous person_________________?
5._________________ in a helicopter__________________?
6.__________________ money in the street___________________?

Choose the best answer to complete each sentence.  Escoja la mejor respuesta para cada oración
1. She’s been a teacher all her life,
a. and she loved her job                          b. and she loves her job

2. I’ve traveled in Europe a lot, and in 2001.
a. I’ve gone to Africa                                  b. I went to Africa

3. I’ve had that car for five years,
a. and it never breaks down                     b. and I sold it

4. We haven’t eaten at the Greek restaurant yet,  
a. so we tried it last night                        b. so we want to try it soon

5. We haven’t solved the problem yet,  
a. so we gave up                                        b. but we aren’t giving up

6. Pedro is one of my best friends;  
a. I’ve known him for a long time            b. I knew him for a long time

Complete these time expressions and time clauses with for or since.
Completa estas expresiones de tiempo y cláusulas de tiempo con durante o desde.
1. ____________three days
2. ____________3 o’clock
3.____________ a long time
4. ____________a moment
5. ____________last month
6.____________a month
7.____________he was a boy
8. ____________1988

Complete the questions with the words in the box. Complete estas preguntas con las palabras de la caja
What---- How many---- Do How often x2---- Are---- How much----- How
Write your answers to the multiple choice questions: Escriba sus respuestas a las preguntas de opción múltiple
How healthy are you?
1. ____________ do you play sport or do exercise?
a) more than twice a week            b) once or twice a week                  c) hardly ever                   

2. ____________ sleep do you usually get a night?
a) four to six hours                         b) six to eight hours                          c) more than eight hours

3. ____________ you eat fruit and vegetables every day?
a) yes                           b) no

4. ____________ do you travel around?
a) on foot                              b) by car or public transportation             c) by bicycle

5. ____________ do you eat junk food?
a) more than twice a week                   b) once or twice a week           c) hardly ever

6. ____________ glasses of water do you drink a day?
a) one to three glasses                b) four to six glasses               c) seven or more glasses
7. ____________ you stressed?
a) yes                               b) no

8. ____________ kind of snacks do you eat the most?
 a) fruit or nuts                         b) potato chips                        c) chocolate or sweets 



ACTIVIDAD                           (TIPO DE EVALUACION)
Del 10 de sept al 14.
Present tense and continuous
trabajo en la plataforma duolingo
los estudiantes trabajaran en el libro english please las páginas 10,11 y 12.
Del 17 de sept al 21.
Past tense and continuous verb tense
Video comedia, preguntas acerca de la misma,Series comedia - 01x03 (Inglés-Español my family is coming in one hour). El teléfono roto
Del 24 de sept al 28.
Realización de texto cortos
Ejercicios de pronunciación
 Del 1 de oct al 5
Taller escrito individual y en parejas
Del 15 de oct al 19.
Infinitive of purpose: it`s + adjective + infinitive
 Salida al tablero y evaluación escrita.
Del 22 de oct al 26.
Globalization: Technology, Manufacturing, Outsource, communication, appliances and devices.
Exposiciones,elaboracion de carteleras.
Del 29 de oct al 2 de noviembre.
expressiones to infer
Elaboración de textos de acuerdo a su imaginación y creatividad de acuerdo al tema (historietas)
Del 5 de nov al 9.
expressiones  to justify
Prueba de periodo
Del 13 de nov al 16
expressiones to persuade
actividad audio video(Romanian expressions very funny in English language).
Del 19 de nov al 23
report speech
trabajo final taller individual.



GRADO: 10-3
ALFREDO ORTIZ LOZANO                        

Ponga la letra de acuerdo  a la pregunta en el número que corresponda.

1. What do you do?                            a Mathematics.
2. Are you at university?                    b Two other students.
3. What are you studying?                 c No, they aren’t.
4. Do you live at home?                      d I’m a student.
5. Where are you living?                     e In a flat, near the university.
6. Who are you living with?                f Yes, we do – every night.
7. Are they studying Law1 too?         g No, I don’t.
8. Do you go out a lot?                        h Yes, I am.

1 ____      2 ____        3 ____        4 ____      5 ____      6 ____         7 ____         8 ____
Completa las siguientes mini-conversaciones con el present simple o el present continuous de los verbos entre paréntesis.

1.A: Where__are you going___(you/go)?
B: I _______________________ (go) to Mark’s house.
2.A: How _______________________ (you/go) to school every day?
 B: I _______________________ (walk) to school.
3. A: What _______________________ (Paul/have)?
B: He _______________________ (have) some tea. He _______________________ (love) tea.
4. A: What _______________________ (Amy/do)?
B: I _________________ (think) she’s an engineer but she _______________ (not work) right now.

3. Choose the correct form for each verb.

1. Marie-Claude isn't a Canadian. I ________ she comes from France.
A. believe                                          B.  Am believing
2. Look! Junko ________ in to the water.
 A. jumps                                     B.  Is jumping
3. I ________ you're crazy!
A. think                                           B.  Am thinking
4. Don't give Jan any cheese. She ________ it!
A. hates                                  B.  is hating
5. I ________ to Toronto next Thursday. Do you want to come?
A. go                                      B.  am going
6. Once a week, I ________ to an art class at the college.
A.   go                                       B. am going
7. I ________ lunch in the cafeteria every day.
A. have                                   B.  Am having
8. Salman is rich — he ________ a Mercedes.
A. drives                                    B.  Is driving
9. You won't find Jerry at home right now. He  ________ in the library.
A. studies                               B.  Is studying
10. It ________ quite hard — perhaps we shouldn't go out tonight.
A. snows                                B.  Is snowing

Choose the correct form ( first conditional)
1.If they do the homework,

a.I would take them to the movies.
b.I will take them to the movies.

2.I will give you a car

a.if you graduate from college this year.
b.if you will graduate from college this year.

3.I won’t go to school

a.if it can rains tomorrow.
b.if it rains tomorrow

4.If I attend dance class every day,

a.I may become a really good dancer.
b.I became a really good dancer.
5.If she fixes the TV,

a.we can watch our favorite TV program tonight.
b.We may will watch our favorite TV program tonight.

Complete the sentences with   must   or    mustn't.

1. You _______________brush your teeth three times a day.
2. You _______________forget to do your homework regularly.
3. You _______________be nice to your classmates.
4. You _______________wear warm cothes when it is cold outside.
5. You ______________chew gum in class.
6. You ______________study hard if you want to pass your exams.
7. You ______________fight with your classmates.
8. You ______________play football in the classroom.

ENGLISH 11-1,2,3

REFUERZO DEL PRIMER Y SEGUNDO PERIODO Write the verbs in Present Simple . Nick’s father                                       ...